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Your trusted Fintech software development partner

Over the last 5 years, we mastered our skills and gained experience in creating reliable, secure, and sophisticated fintech products.

Upplabs' strengths

Fintech web and mobile development

We follow Fintech trends and innovations, constantly learn, visit best fintech conferences and have the best team of professional web and mobile developers.

Money transactions platform engineering

Our fintech payment ecosystem is transparent and multifunctional.

Online trading and exchange platform engineering

We create online e-trading platforms that offer real-time solutions with various trading fintech opportunities.

AI-based Fintech solutions

We are ready to use AI-based solutions to collect and process huge volumes of data aggregated by Fintech companies.

Payment systems integration and optimization

We automate your accounting and ERP creating the best fintech services and apps.

Existing services maintenance and modernization

Our portfolio includes the use of modern architecture that guarantees easy maintenance and easy integration with the best fintech services.

Benefits of working with
Upplabs extended team

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Clear vision

We understand the needs of all stakeholders and your competitive advantage on the market.
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Solid tech expertise

in FinTech domains that help to avoid pitfalls and stay efficient.
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We ensure regular status updates and direct access to every team member.
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Every ongoing project is on top priority for us. Only then we think of new opportunities.
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We take on a job only when we can handle it.

What do our clients say?

Mike Chu
UppLabs LLC supported frontend React development for a web-based app MVP.
This involved consulting on technical design decisions.
The team excelled at providing quality technical development throughout the timeline. They went above and beyond, providing valuable suggestions for product improvement. Their receptiveness to feedback and ability to adjust accordingly was a highlight.
Maya Startup Hub is an accelerator and investment program providing consulting services focusing on product development, design and marketing for early stage startups at market validation phase.

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